From Rags to mild success



About Sammy Showtime

Sam's story of rags to hand-me-downs starts in Grafton, a small Australian town located somewhere between Sydney and Brisbane.

Sam graduated first in high school, mainly because the rest of the class actually finished the year. Keen to expand his horizons and his magic, Sam moved to the harsh and unforgiving streets of Adelaide in South Australia where he developed the dry humour and sarcasm that keeps passers-by entertained for hours.

Encouraged by his 2014 win in the Australian Street Entertainment Championships, Sam took his act to 12 different countries, making his show one of Australia's most valuable exports.

An accomplished street performer, Sam's unique magic show and card throwing stunt draws crowds of all ages, leaving them stunned, mystified and grateful they caught this world-class act.


At the age of 14, Sam’s path took an unexpected twist when he discovered the realm of magic, instantly kindling a profound fascination for puzzles and mysteries. With each passing year, his passion grew into an unyielding obsession, driving him to master intricate sleight of hand techniques and captivate audiences through mesmerizing performances. Sam’s unwavering commitment to his craft encompasses not only the pursuit of technical excellence but also a deep desire to engage and enthrall people with the enchantment of magic.


“I’ve always loved performing, whether it be playing in a band or doing amateur theater in school. Now I love inviting strangers to enjoy my show.”

After only a few short years of being in the industry, Sammy has performed at some of the world’s biggest festivals: The Edinburgh Fringe, Prague, Adelaide Fringe and the Brighton Fringe, and he has won numerous awards including the Australian Street Performers Championships in 2014.


Sammy has captivated audiences across more than 14 countries, entertaining thousands of people from all walks of life. Whether it be the intimate settings of remote Irish villages or the vibrant, bustling streets illuminated by neon lights in Las Vegas, he has showcased his talents in both exceptional and challenging locations around the globe. Although Sammy primarily resides in the UK, his relentless touring schedule keeps him constantly on the move.

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